Detail About Products

  • Seller who are selling their products on Fastcon Shopping should write all the detail regarding products. and if there are term and condition for product seller should show it to product additional detail and keep product image as those genuinely clicked, must not be photoshoped or any the editing of product image.
  • seller be sure that read all the content guideline for listing the product. and what detail about product should write down.
  • Brand names
  • Categories
  • Item details
  • Keyword spamming
  • Pictures
  • Text and other information
  • Titles

Computer/Laptop/Desktop/Mobile/Electronic Gadget Related Software, Program, Video Games 

  • Video games.Download PC Video games, PSP Games, Xbox, Setup and all types / any types of video games makes copy of it. And sells on Fastcon Shopping is not allowed. Only Authorized Dealer/Person/Seller/Distributer can sell and they must have Permission and certificate and any other documents regarding it.
  • Duplicate Software, CD/DVD/Pen Drive/Any other format of Computer software, Anti Virus, And any types of computer/laptop/desktop/mobile/cell phone software cannot sell on Fastcon shopping. Only Authorized Dealer/Person/Seller/Distributer can sell and they must have Permission and certificate and any other documents regarding it.

Books/Magazine/Study Material

  • Question Paper Solution.Study material Solution, Prakashan Solution, Answer key of some Teacher/Person’s provided material are prohibited. Xerox/Copy/Photocopy of Study material are restricted.
  • Copy/Xerox/Photocopy of Books/Magazines. Copy/Xerox/Photocopy of book by any author, poets, cannot sell on Fastcon Shopping Only Author/Poet/Particular person or who got approval from the rightful person/Author/poet.

Any other Material

  • Restricted/Illegal items.Items which are prohibited/restricted by government or any other Institute/company, and Illegal Item are not allowed.
  • Replicas/Structure.The Replica and/or structure of Anything can not be sold on Fastcon Shopping.
  • Rights of publicity.Celebrity images and/or celebrity names cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission of the celebrity or their management. This includes product endorsements and merchandise as well as unauthorised celebrity image collections.
  • Aggressive material.Material includes Police Crime Scene, Accident Spot/Place, Blood Pictures clicked in Cell phone or in ant gadgets, human body parts all those type of material which can affect human feelings cannot be get sell on Fastcon Shopping.
  • Goods/Commodity/Item which are stolen:The goods which are stolen from somewhere are not allowed are strictly prohibited to put on our website. if anyone have put the item and Fastcon shopping come to know about this type of commodity/goods/item, Fastcon Shopping will instant remove the item from the list.
  • Controversially Product/Item.Item which are controversially and are affecting constitution cannot be valid to sale on Fastcon Shopping.

Keep Your Password Strong

To keep your password Safe & Secure, You should change it time to time and keep your it private, So It can be secure.

How to keep your password Safe & Secure.

  • Choose a different password For Fastcon Shopping from other site or/and account.
  • Use at least 8 characters which include Capital Alphabets, Small Alphabets, Numbers and Special characters.
  •  Please choose password which is not easy to guess for others like Birthday, Mobile Number, Address, School/College Roll Number, Vehicle Number, Favorite Things

For Example
Fastcon@007 which include Capital Alphabets, Small Alphabets, Numbers and Special characters

  •  Make sure that your CAPS LOCK is on/off while choosing/Typing Password.

Packing Policy

We will try to give your ordered item in well condition with best packing material
As Indian Government ban plastic we will opt out another solution of plastic while packing and item.

Seller must keep in mind that using plastic is ban so they need to use any other material while packing of item

Pack the item as they will be delivered in undamaged condition but also take care that packing do not get heavy that customer get frustrate while unpacking the item, It can be easily unpack.

Safety while Shopping Online

Avoid Sharing Personal information.

  • Fastcon Shopping Never Call/E-Mail you for asking you personal detail, Bank Account Number, Credit/Debit Card, PIN, OTP. If you are receive any unauthorized e-mail (may look like Fastcon Shopping Email) which asking for these types of information, please do not share any info, and contact Fastcon Shopping for the next step.

Pay securely

  • Fastcon Shopping payment gateway is safe & secure.we are providing you secured method of payment and is authorized by us. If you are contacted by a seller requesting payment via another method, you should regard it as fraudulent and must report to our team. We are not responsible for Items which paid for outside Fastcon Shopping Marketplace.

Eyes on Feedback

  • Check seller feedback before placing the order an item from them. This is the most important sign of their overall quality and will let you provide information about the quality of their products/goods/item/commodity.

Check E-mails either it is Real or Unreal.

  • E-mail which you receives asked you about your information or directly link you to feel your personal information on any other site. Please be aware about it and stop your self to go on
  • We only send email from our authorized email address which contain Some unreal contain links to websites that contain the word “Fastcon shopping” it look like fastconshopiping but actually that is not real website.
  • If you click though on unreal email and taken to a page looking like “Your Account” or anything that asks you to verify or change your personal details, you should consider it as fraudulent.
    Report us these types of emails and website. We are always here to serve you.
  • Clicked link from unreal E-mail ask you for formation regarding you credit/debit card, bank account detail please do not share it. And if you provide mistakenly your personal detail and bank date. Please contact your bank to stop transaction/
  • Fastcon shopping never E-mail you for your personal detail or information and bank data.

Safety of your Passwords

  • Please do not share your password with anyone, neither your close friend nor with your family member, anybody who knows your password may access your account.And we are not responsible for this.
  • Choose your password differently from another site or account. Keep it unique and unguessable
  • After completing your task on your account please Log Out from your account.
  • Please change your password time to time to protect it.

System Safety.

  • Install anti-virus. Install antivirus software to protect your system from viruses. Scan you system time to time. Choose genuine antivirus. Avoid fake/cheap antivirus to install in your system which can damage your system.
  • Updates you Antivirus. Keep your antivirus updated.
  • Update your system. Keep your system up to date regularly
  • Avoid replying to unsolicited messages. Replying to unreal and spam messages only confirms to the sender that they have a valid e-mail address to send more spam and unreal to. If you want to unsubscribe from mailings from Fastcon Shopping, do so directly through our website instead of clicking a link in an e-mail.

We Do Not call or email for Personal Information.

Fastcon Shopping  Never Call,Email or Message you for your personal Information

It may happens that some false or spoofy email which look similar to actual e-mail. Which may ask you for your personal information but you should not provide and inform Fastcon regarding this type of Incident so we can take an action against these type false/spoofy emails.
Please beware from false and Spoofy emails.

We do not provide your data.

false/spoofy email can steal your data and can use without your knowledge so protect yourself to replying to these emails


Fastcon Shopping Never ask for

  • Your bank account information, credit/debit card number, CVV Number, PIN number, CRN number
  • Your Fastcon Shopping Account Password
  • Your name or other information such as date of birth or your place of birth or your favourite Actor/actress name,

Offers and Contest

Fastcon shopping never call you for upcoming any skim or/and contest, Offer. They are only put on official website and/or the Application. If you get any call regarding skim/offer/contest who identify his/herself as Fastcon shopping working person, Do not provide any information and inform Fastcon Shopping Support Team. You can report to the nearest police station and Fastcon Shopping will co-operate with you regarding this types and situation.