Shipping  T & C.

  • Item worth Rs. 500/- and above are eligible for free delivery.
  • Item worth Rs. 499/-and below will be charged for shipping.
  • All the shipping Prices Are Inclusive Of Goods And Service Tax (GST).
  •  In this calculator provided maximum 10 Kgs rate, above 10 Kgs will be charge extra for each 1 Kg. And for each 1 Kg will be charge Rs. 14 to 18 as per PIN code Destination.
  • Pricing are subject to change based on fuel surcharges and courier company base rates.
  • Freight is calculated on the basis of volumetric weight or actual weight whichever is higher.Dead/Dry weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher should be taken into consideration while calculating the rates.
  • volumetric weight is calculated LxBxH /5000 (length,breath,height has to be taken in centimeters and divided by 5000,this will give the value in kilograms)
  • other charges like address correction charges if applicable shall be charged extra.
  • In any case customers will not available to receive delivery, customer should inform to courier boy to whom should handover the package.
  • In any case customers will not present on the address, your delivery will be done on coming up working day.

In case of any transportation are down, delivery may be possible delay. customer will get notification in this type situation.